Childhood games: Bloody Mary

So I was talking to someone very dear to
Me about sleep over games we would do as a kid. I don’t know how many times we lit a candle and stared at a mirror can called for Bloody Mary. Now know that all the is real it was actually really wreckless for a bunch of pre teen girls to be trying to summon a demon to a bathroom mirror. It got me wondering who else did this or anything like it as a kid at sleep overs or parties.

For us nothing ever happened besides the candle went out once.

We had a Parent freak us out but banging in windows and walls but not demons.

If you had success with it what happened?


I had success. Basically I called on Mary 3 times in a row ran to my room, and my shadow had mimicked my own shadow within a silhouette of my bodies shadow except this copy was laughing and slightly moved away from my own shadow. It scared the life right out of me and I screamed and ran to my mother’s room to sleep in there for the night


I’ve never had those games work for me as a kid, and now I’m told I shouldn’t play them. But I think it was because I had a sheild around me that I didn’t know about.

I could however see demons and had dreams about them being my friends when I was little which sometimes scared me because my mom took me the church all the time when I was little. So I they really have been around me most of my life I just chose to notice them for awhile.


In my country there is the poor man’s ouija: el juego the la copa (the cup’s game). It’s the same as a ouija, but you use a cup instead of a pointer. And write the letters because poor people.

When we played, the cup would move if, and only if, I was present. And would say ominous things and scare the shit out of everyone. One girl cried half an hour after the spirits told her she was going to die in eight months. Except that they didn’t. Because there were no spirits. Just my finger. It took them quite a while to suspect I was scaring them for shit and kicks.


When in doubt, trap her spirit in an infinite mirrored regress?



How you kid were you when this happened? I think with us there was no true belief in it. I think one of the parties when I was a little ordered we up graded to ouija Baird. Again how we are being followed by unwanted spirits amazes me.

This is how I was growing up. Azazel came to me when I was 13 and I was having none of it. I thought he was insane telling me Lucifer wasn’t so bad. Turns out now that I work with demons that “aren’t so bad.”


Omg I love this that would be so funny to see and she would be so pissed off. I know I would be :joy::joy::joy:

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Azazel has always been around me, normally observing from a distance, got into arguments about what to do next and greater purpose. (Hel helped me figure out a lot).

He said he has been around me for many lifetimes.


You know it took until my 20s to figure out that I was “haunted” and not everywhere I went was haunted. I was like oh… you are attached to me.