Child play magic demon

Most of the demons their magic is an child play not real magic. if you want do learn an magic should learn it from Hecate or goddess nyx.

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What do you mean? Do you mean actual children, or are you being the latest in a series of people to come on here declaring everyone who gets actual results must just be having lucky coincidences, because only the thing you believe in can possibly be real? :thinking:


I learn from who or what I want, thank you.


I worship Hecate but also can tell you Lucifer and Belilal have help me more than you can imagine
Also i feel i have been growing more intellectually and spiritually since going down this path


I really enjoy working with Hecate but her and Nyx are not the only beings that can teach you. You’re limiting your own growth and experience.


These demon like Lucifer, belial, Azazel their magic is only child play I personl have ask them. if you want a firm spiriitualty grow should learn magic from Hecate the real deal.

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Hecate is definitely a great teacher, as many people can attest. But that doesn’t mean that demons don’t have anything useful to teach.

I would hardly call their lessons “child’s play” and “not real magick”, because it’s not. What you’re saying is highly ignorant and disrespectful. What makes you think that Hecate doesn’t use similar methods?


I’ll type up that memo and send it up in the flames for all the other daemons out there so they’ll know not to teach people anymore on your authority.


I don’t think that’s what he’s saying. In my short period of time working with the Slavic gods, I encountered the actually impossible. One object transforming into another, time itself being played with. Instant healing.

It was very powerful. Much more powerful than any demon or angel I had worked with before.

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That is literally what he is saying. That all the other gods besides Hecate and Nyx aren’t shit. I find it incredibly disrespectful and misleading. I acknowledge Hecate and Nyx as being powerful. But I will NOT accept that the other gods are “just childs play”. They are all powerful beings with much to impart to others for higher learning.


Ok, you just make spit my coffee out laughing. :joy:

Agreed. Hope he doesn’t ever get to experience the bad side of Lilith. Or Samael or Belial!


I think if someone says “I tried to accomplish X result working with N. and Z. but then I only learned how to succeed after working with (name of god or goddess)” that’s one thing, but to make a proclamation and expect people to take it on faith is just a bit rude to members.

Language barrier or not, telling people that what they are doing is playing like children is not a courteous or useful approach. :man_shrugging: