Good morning,
Please I need Chenor enn chanting or mantra.
Many thanks

Chenor, pronounced “kay-nor”, is an angel who rebelled against the trickster known as Jehovah, Yaweh, and just “God”.

He commands over 400 legions of spirits in the infernal realms. There are many of these angels that even experienced witches and mages aren’t familiar with. He is one of them. Each infernal being whether demon, angel or other will treat each human who summons them differently. How they treat YOU depends upon whether they find you to be worthy, acceptable or admirable.

One person’s experience can be completely different from that of another. I wouldn’t advise to instantly place a label upon them, as if this is set in stone as to their nature. Just like with humans, each is an individual with their own standards and beliefs.

Chenor does have a tendency to mock those who he considers unworthy, however.