Checkmate atheists

watch this :grin::grin::joy:


Wow, itโ€™s the Indian version of Benny Hinn. I could laugh at this and say itโ€™s hilarious, but the sad thing is people take this seriously.

Want to get ridiculously rich? Tap into the spiritual and emotional desperation of people and watch the cash flow :expressionless:

edit: the commentary on the video is priceless :joy:

Its funny how Christianity is so against demons and possession yet they want to be filled with the โ€œholy spiritโ€ which isโ€ฆโ€ฆ. POSSESSION. Submit and spread your legs to be fucked into a holy zombie of god only wolfing out and smelling blood when you sense a hurt soul that you can lure into the clutches of priests. Christian zombie apocalypse.