Checking in on y'all

How are you all doing during the current issues that are going on ?
What are you doing to stay safe?
How are you all doing mentally?
Extroverts how are you handling this?

Stay safe you’re important


Same old, just supermarket lines long af.

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were all over here LOL

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Being in a highly populated area of New England, it’s a bit stressful, not gonna lie. As an introvert, staying inside is no big deal. But the sense of panic in the air is absolutely affecting me! :confounded:

Stay safe, everyone! :heart:

I’m staying home since the end of February; at first I wanted to complete my Tai Chi lessons/sessions for that month, but seems like skipping a week was the right thing. I’m also introvert and the situation didn’t change greatly for me; mentally, a slight fear I felt in the first times motivated me to resume pranayama, meditations etc.

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