Okay so, I have a really important test in two days and I am kinda prepared but I have terrible anxiety and I don’t know if I can make it.
What I want is help to cheat(?) If it can be said like that
I want help from an entity so even if I fail the test, I get a good grade, like convince the teacher or something. please

Sorry for my bad English unu

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It is unlikely any spirit will be able to get you a good grade if you fail the test. You would have to literally overwrite the teacher’s reality so the wrong answers are believed to be correct ones, and that is far from simple, especially with the physical reality of the test staring her in the face.

I recommend King Paimon. Not only is he the master of all arts and sciences, and can help you study, but he can also manipulate your teacher and maybe skew the curve for you.


Have you thought about creating an amulet or an enchanted item to put you into a concentration/focus state?

Ohhh thank you :heartbeat:

You will need to put work into this though, if you work with an entity you should study well because that is mainly how they would help you.

Perhaps Archangel Raphael could help you with the anxiety, it is said he can make one immune to stress, if I remember correctly.



Cheat? There is no need to cheat. Belial assisted me with passing my exam. I’m thankful to him because I was in a difficult situation. My job was on the line! You see, If I didn’t pass the examination, I would have to pay $ 250 (all over again), and wait 60 days to retake the exam. Not passing the exam would have meant a resignation on my part.

But, Belial came through. He assisted me in passing my exam. I stayed focus and had faith that everything was going to be okay. Guess what? Everything worked out beautifully. It was perfection. Love Belial :heart:


Your no fun. I thought you were going to talk about cheating on someone or someone cheating on you. Cheating on a test? come on. that’s boring shit. Just study and use your noodles to learn. good practice.

There’s this secret society where the student sleeps with the teacher for good grades… j/k =o)

If you’re kind of prepared then study a little more to be prepared and make a ritual to overcome your anxiety, that should be way more effective. And since you’re trying to get something inside you for just some time, that shouldn’t be hard and shouldn’t take too much time to get results.

Yeah I think I failed the test, so now I need to know how to convince the teacher, I need to get him to help me