Cheat in exams

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If you ever heard about concept of inflow outflow you might be able to answer
So chanting involves being vocal so doesnt being vocal convert from inflow to outflow?

Also is there any place in youtube that this mantra so that i can listen to it how every qord is pronouced the rythms etc

Becoz if its a geometrical mantra all needs to be perfectly aligned the gap the sound tunes etc qhile chanting ?

And is this mantra is just for you given by metatron or is it different

Is this the best open to all the other replies here eve that satania study music mantra ?

Also lets say if i sit in front seat instead of back and respect teachers does thatbindicate a geometry to universe?

Spirits in general want to see your hardworking before delivering something.

I had bad luck at exams. Like really bad.

I’m a person who studies a lot, I have sucrificed years of my teen life (basically didn’t experience anything as a normal teen should) because of school and exams.

That bad luck had started to come after me since I was 15, or something. I was a person who was aiming for the best results 100/100. I knew that, if there was something I didn’t manage to completely understand or didn’t have the time to study properly for it, was going to be on my tomorrow’s exam. Like always.

So, what I want to say is that exams do not only need studying properly, but also luck.

In other words, study. Study hard. And then, call a demon to get some luck.

Bro… you gotta understand that cheating is looked down upon for very good reasons.

You will not get the real good benefits of life through cheating…

You know, there is one thing you can do though.

How well are your listening skills?

If you can practice being absolutely quiet and listening very well to people or things in general, with a goal of information in mind, you will notice that your would be downloading information on a daily basis.

You have to have patience.

Nobody really does this because 99% of people (including magicians) get frustrated…

I aswell as others, can give you the answers all day…

But for true results, you must earn it… even if it takes years

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What do you mean by what comes up will really be pleasent (at mantra for learning prowess rtc by metatron)

Do you have youtube channel or something where you hwlave uploaded pronounciation of it, or can you share it with satania yt ?

I think you got the mantras mixed up. I said this regarding the purging mantra from Raziel, not the mental prowess mantra from Metatron. They are different.

Sorry, I do not.

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Would the demons be aligned with me if i start using angelic mantra like these

Is there a waybto upload audio in this forum ?

If you ever gonna upload audio of this mantra please let us know in the forum

Is this the Correct pronounciation and gaps between each words?

Bune helped me to pass my exams. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t study though, I doubt you can bring A4 cheat sheets with yourself. He helped me to learn the material I needed to understand for the exam and I would make very small notes that I could hide in my sleeve or pocket. That way if I forgot anything I would look at the notes to refresh my memory and it worked every time. However don’t over rely on him and always assume he won’t be there. Despite that, I never failed an exam after praying to him.


There are many ways to do it, i can do it without any of those but its not about that, its about the most effective most powerfull most newly discovered and recognized its about bringing evolution, gotta speed up stuff as much as it could me make it explosive bomb as it could be so when you puttin not 1 hour not 2 but 10 hours at gym then you gotta use the best protein shake or it will all go to waste .

What you did you just recommended another entity which i said i was earlier doing with help of satania channel, but that guy gave me a powerfull weapon , a key that incantion from metatron, i have couple alternatives too but i want to give that specific one a go

And this convo arleady from cheating to studying effectively

When i used to study for brain waves earlier i used to get confused between does the same music works for inflow(like taking lecture, absorption more, memeory etc) and outflow (like solving assigment, creativity more)both

They should work that way, here’s a hidden gem that I personally use - ADDERALL - Binaural Performance Enhancer (Improved Focus, Concentration, Reflex) - YouTube

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Its active listen though rather than passive during work but thankyou so much

My 2 cents:

I do not recommend cheating even if possible.

Cheating can have consequences down the line.

Suppose someone’s going through school to become an architect and cheats on the math exams. Building buildings draining blueprints and schematics use math. Suppose because of cheating the architect makes an error because he doesn’t really know his shit. Suppose that blunder results in a bridge collapse in rush hour or a hi-rise skyscraper to collapse onto a bust pedestrian and vehicle file block during construction?

Or a dr cheats during schooling passes becomes a surgeon but doesn’t really know his shit and takes out the thyroid instead of his patients tonsils?

You do not know how cheating will impact you in the future so it’s best not to do it. Sure it may be a seemingly insignificant thing you’re cheating in but as a famous quote goes… Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Why cheat?

An A+ isn’t as important as knowing your stuff.

That was supposed to read drawing blueprints

Hayagriva (indian diety )can help in this subject