Chat with Marbas

Well had a nice little chat with Marbas last night. He was an interesting fellow appearing in mist and something of an older fashion as in the picture.

Couldn’t make much of specific details but he was quite charming and sounded quite well learned.
We talked a little not too much. There wasn’t much he could currently help me with other than some advice and being willing to stand by should the time come he could be of more assistance.
He told me that what I sought was the knowledge and secrets that could not be shared but must be learned through practice and ‘muscle memory type concept’ and that I knew everything I needed to know and could learn to achieve and discover what I want. I need only delve deep into what I already have and put it to use fully.


Marbas is very friendly. Thank you Sir for what you have given and added to my life.

I currently have three agents of Marbas in my service. They wear military ranks.

One goes before me and comforts people to my name and attacks those who would spoil a situation before I arrive.

One is beside me and defends my person.

One stays behind when I leave a situation and comforts people to my name and attacks those who work against me.

I have them attack those against my interest. As I commonly do I share the spoils of war divided into thirds. One third for the agent, a third for Marbas who doesn’t need it but it is courtesy and hands most of back to the agent and a third for my own ascent.

My aging has reversed quantifiably.


How can a person have a relationship with a demon/God when you can’t see or hear them?

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In time you learn how to see and hear them with practice and continued contact. Your mind will start to vibrate in a similar way and perceive them.


I agree with this.

And good work :slight_smile:


My President Marbas doesn’t appear like that - he’s more like a combination of my Beloved and Tamara de Lempicka’s Maquis d’Afflitto reclining on a sofa but I guess he appears in whatever guise most appeals to the magickian’s mind’s eye or senses.

To me he’s incredibly beautiful in so many ways.


The Chief appeared to me as the Red Guy Without Pants from Cow and Chicken. XD
Directly appealed to my sense of humor. Been working with him ever since, he’s currently helping me with a couple big projects.


I like the red guy… Laydees…