"Chasm Mechanism" a device for creating rifts collab

For the past month Ive been under the guidance and apprenticeship of the Old Ones. Recently I received a gateway which according to Shub-Niggurath is a “device”. Iam working on an idea of mine which I discussed with Nyarlathotep. To construct a device (cube) which will creat a rift under the proper rite that will help the magician to travel to their lands and commune by thought translocation (asimilar to soul travel) only that it allows your conciousness to split being aware of your presence and at the same time being there receiving info and communicate.

During my time With nyarlathotep he blessed me with what he called transcending cognisense. The ability to go there, speak and receive while in no trance state or meditation. Just by activating a Sigilized gateway. So here is my propose: Is here anyone interested to work on that project with me, receive what I already experimented and tested with the Old ones and see where this will take us?

Feel free to comment or pm me.
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