Charles W. Cosimano

UNCLE CHUCKIE my First teachers but i what more but his E-books good

i am his BIGS FANS

The Psionic Predator Size 2,460 kb

88 pages

We are the bad guys, the hunters rather than the hunted. This book will teach you how to use astral projection to haunt houses and drive people stark staring nuts as well has give you insight on how a radionic instrument is designed and built. It is full of fun, nasty ideas and it takes my usual political incorrectness to depths unimagined even by my most ardent fans. This is the book that the do-gooders out there will most definitely NOT want you to read.

The Psionic Path size 1256 kb

134 pages

Does a parent have a child that is well, embarrassing? This book is mine. It is without question the strangest thing I have ever written. Unlike my other work, this one actually deals with enlightenment and psionics as a path to it. But don’t let that lapse of sanity on my part put you off. There are some good things in this book which is why I’m re-issuing it. Besides, how often does an author give his readers a chance to have a good laugh at his expense?

On another forum I was asking about the effectiveness of psionics

I was given a link to a forum about those but when I read some of the threads over there I found nothing close to what Cosimano claims about psionics.

So, I’m wondering. If anyone used psionics I’d be glad to have more insights.

Charles Cosimano is very funny. I have had the privilege of speaking
with him several times. He is also brilliant, sentitive and caring. Cosimano
will give you the shirt off his back, definitely one of the good guys.

Well, you have to keep in mind that Cosimano mastered traditional grimoire magic long before developing psionics, so he already knew how to do the basic mental and imaginative operations and just changed the physical tools he was using.

Psionics is much like High Magick, you direct a massive amount of energy towards some goal. Psions usually train energy manipulation intensely as to develop direct connection with energy sources and to obtain a body fit to channel and storage massive amount of energy.
That aside, most people on psionic communities are 12 year-old kids aiming to shot beams outta their ass. Successful psions are such a rare sort…