Charging Spirit Sigils

When using spirit sigils for love, money etc. do you have to give the spirit an offering? I recently read an older article where E.A. talks about how to charge spirit sigils and how you’ll know when you’ve charged it. It doesn’t mention anything about giving anything to the spirit. Are you supposed to when using sigils or no?

Also, do you have to burn the sigil after doing the ritual or do you save it until the task is complete or you’ve received what you cast your spell for and then burn it? I have heard some people, when casting for something that is long term will keep the sigil until the spell manifests and for things that would have a quicker time frame are burned right after the ritual.

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With regards to offering, blood, redwine, port will do… In my limited experience haha


Charging a sigil and giving an offering are two separate actions that can be divorced from one another although it’s common to do one after the other. As I said before, just looking at the sigil over a period of time can charge it. You don’t need a sigil to give an offering.

As for burning a sigil, that’s up to you. Demonaltry practices have the standard of burning sigils during a ritual. I burn them after thier purpose has manifested, and that can be months after a ritual.


Good to know! Thanks


Thank you for the information. So, you do not need a sigil to give an offering but if you are using a spirit sigil to manifest something is it required that you give an offering for the use of their sigil to manifest? And if the offering is a separate operation, would you do it right after the charging ritual of the sigil or once the thing manifests? Thanks for your guidance SabahSnoblod!


Spirits might require a sacrifice (charging of something using the blood or other fluid from you or someone else, or a promise that must be upheld that requires resources from you), which is different from an offering in the respect that a spirit demands a sacrifice while a mage gives an offering willingly (and it’s typically planned or given regularly). And I guess it’d make more sense to offer something after you get the spirit to manifest but you can really give an offering whenever you feel is right. I give offerings when the spirit exceeds my expectations or I work with them regularly; the spirits need a sacrifice during ritual or after the desire manifests but they will never ask for an offering, because you’re the one offering it to them. Once they ask for it you’re no longer giving an offering; it’s more like giving a sacrifice or fulfilling some requirement.

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By “spirit sigils” are you referring to (Demonic) Seals?

When using sigilization always use the present tense.

To charge talisman, Magickal weapons, etc, adopt the body position of the rune Elhaz, with palms facing up. Call upon the energy required. You’ll feel it building up around your solar plexus. When you can’t maintain the position anymore and while ALWAYS keeping your arms straight, direct the collected energy through your palms. When all energy is gone your palms may start to get itchy. Shake your hands like you’re getting water off of them - then scratch (if required).

Best to start to do this standing on the earth, grass, rock, etc in 100% natural material shoes and socks or barefoot. At least for the first few times. There really are good reasons.

If your Magick doesn’t work it’s because of you. This really applies to money/wealth Magick. You’ve been effectively (often subtly) programmed to fail. Re-programme yourself by obtaining bank deposit slips/cheques, etc and writing these to yourself in large amounts. Gaze and meditate upon these - particularly before sleeping.

Meditate upon the 10 of Discs card and the energies it represents, again particularly before sleeping. When you can close your eyes and see the 10 of Discs clearly you’ll be able to use it anytime you need.

Remember to write up any important dreams/insights in your Magickal Journal.



Yes, I am referring to demonic seals. Thanks for the informative advice Al.


If I’m consecrating I use bodily fluids. For example, if it’s a curse I use urine and the colour yellow; for love, semen with red, etc. A neutral fluid I often use is spit on the end of a chewed matchstick.