Charging sigils

How we can charge lucifer sigil

Charging a sigil is usually done for Chaos Magick “Sigils”, not for Spirit Sigils/Seals. What do you want to gain by charging Lucifer’s sigil?

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Stability and want to take revenge from someone

Then you’ll need to use Lucifer’s sigil to summon him and then ask him for that.

That ritual can be a good start on how to use a spirit’s sigil.

So i can’t charge my sigil bec it is some different form?
My intention is normal. To communicate effectively with lucifer

Well only charging it is likely not going to give you any result in particular. After you use the sigil to summon him and make your request, then you can charge the sigil by visualizing energy flowing into it, that should give the magick some extra power (which will likely not be necessary to begin with).

For Chaos Magick Sigils, they are not used to call on any spirit. They’re essentially the magician’s goal written down into a symbol (So those you would have to design yourself), so charging them gives them power to change reality. They are completely different from Spirit Sigils.

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