Charging Sigils Through Others Fear

In a less hypothetical sense, is it possible to say paint/draw/etc the sigils of who you’re trying to evoke in public areas, give or take, and charge the sigils through other people seeing it and becoming afraid? Or would this only work with entities that fear off of fear and the like?

I know this is kinda on the mortally gray side of things, but could you create a sigil in public and then charge another of the same sigil and siphon the fear into your ritual? Would you even have to create another sigil at that point or would you need to go back to where you created the first one to do the ritual?

Yes. You are basically glamourbombing with a sigil. It’s pretty common in chaos magic circles. You don’t need to use fear specifically but you can if you think you can manage to actually make enough people scared and see the sigil. No need to go back to the source though. You are charging the power of the symbol, so any time to replicate the sigil, you tap into its power.

Though typically when I am looking to do something like this I incorporate the Linking Sigil to tap into its Web and draw power.

Can I ask what exactly the Linking Sigil is?

Ah, sorry, forgot I was in BALG for a second lol. It’s sigil developed by the chaos magic group DKMU. It creates a self sustaining web of power wherever it is placed, both giving and drawing energy. If you add it to your own sigils, it essentially adds a charging boost to it. That’s the nutshell version anyway.



@UnseelieDiabolus How do you charge a sigil and talisman trough Ellis ? I cant find it anywhere.

I back the first guy to say yes. You an charge a sigil with any kind of energy if you are capable of it