Charging pendants/ Jewelry

I have had a constant drive to wear Charged jewelry, especially the nechalce I wear around my neck. but the Pentagram is made of Pewter, which I read somewhere is a ‘very unworthy metal’ (of course on a Silver jewelry site :stuck_out_tongue: )
Any wisdom out there on charging Jewelry, and if it being Pewter really matters.Are there some Forces Elements powers or Demons which would be better to charge with than others ?? The pic of the necklace in question can be seen in the ‘vitcory pics’ Lady Eva uploaded for me. i am trying to find a Silver 2 inch pentagram, or even sterling, which looks exacly like the one I am wearing- 3 years and not getting close. So I am squirrling a way dimes and such to have one custom made for $180, which sounds rip off to me.
Any help would be great ! thanx

When you charge a necklace as an amulet, you need to define a purpose for it. If you just want to consecrate it as a pendant representing your faith or tradition, it should be sufficient to cleanse it and lay it at the feet of the gods asking for their blessings.
If you want something with specific intent, such as protection or a love talisman, the process be more complex.