Charging Magickal Tools

Is it best to charge your magickal tools in the early stages of a waxing moon or the later stages of a waxing moon?

I don’t really worry about that myself, having 50% of my life ruled out for tool-charging doesn’t seem very empowering. JMO though.

I guess if you really wanted to use that, and can’t decide which bit of the phase, use the planetary Hour most suited to the tool, or the Hour of the Moon which might increase the mojo-ness (that’s a technical term! ;D ).

Personally, the moon figures most in my witchcraft work (the goddess is the moon after all). But even then, it depends on what I’m doing. I prefer the full moon for general working tools. Specific oils and powders (and any other purpose based item) would be made the planetary day and hour congruent to its purpose in the correct moon phase.

A basic example would be some love products I’m cooking up this Friday. Waxing moon, day and hour of Venus. You can also mix planetary days and hours depending on what kind of working they’ll be utilized for. A talisman for un doing blockages in the area of love could be done in the day of mercury, hour of Venus. To increase communication with someone you desire, try the day of Venus, hour of mercury with the moon in increase.

With what and for what purpose are you charging them ?

I am abit on the hazy side when it comes to charging. I just made my first actual pendulum. I went and began getting it charged- and baout 3 hours into what i was doing it dawned on my i hadn’t cleansed it, even though I am sure enough it didn’t need it much. So I spent the next day and cleansed it, then last night began actually charging it and named it. I gave up looking for ‘accepted charging formulas’, as I find i waste a shitload of time doing so, so I just did what EA says, and let the Spirits guide me through the process. So without wasting time, On the next ritual night- I charged and named the tool, without regard for where is the moon, or was I doing it right etc. i have to say, maybe I did it wrong, maybe at the wrong time, but I just held it and put it safely away until it is used, and it felt, special, Happy, and actually alive and sentient; which for a seemingly inanimant object I find pretty strange. So I say this, unless you feel a dark pull restraining you from doing the work Now- go for it, for the moon and all the star and your spirit are finely aligned.

I’m charging an athame

The easiest, and simplest, way to “charge” a tool, is to use it within a ritual. By setting the tool aside, and never bringing it out except for ritual, it will begin to absorb the energies you’re working with. A simple cleansing before the first time you use it in ritual should be all you need.

How would you recommend I cleanse a tool before using it for the first time?

Smoking it in sage, washing in a holy water, burying in salt for 24 hours, any combination thereof…

There’s several variables to consider in regards to this: your intent, spiritual paradigm, and the personal significance of these moon phases. For example, anything related to my own beliefs would only be charged upon the Dark Moon.