Charging Jewelry/Odd Offering outcomes

I’ve done a ton of research on how to cleanse and charge objects, but I haven’t found anything that makes sense to me. None of them are really “how to’s” for a beginner.
My question is: Last month I bought a necklace that has King Paimons sigil and image on it; I wear it daily, openly, 24.7, my question is: • how can I charge it? Is it even necessary to charge it ?.•

Also… I’ve done various offerings to the great King Paimon, thanking Him for transforming my life and coming into my life instead of me seeking Him out. (Just some background info) –
So, a few days ago I did an offering: hand drawn sigil that has my blood on it (because I had an intuition to do so), an emotional trinket my dad gave me before he passed, and the last of my blueberry vodka (which I was going to drink, but gave it all to Him). As I was talking to King Paimon during this, I felt heat near my feet/ankle/calf area, just in that one spot.
• Does that have any meaning? Have y’all experienced that? •

I’ve always been able to sense energy/presences, along with some other things, but I’ve never actually felt physical heat before like that.
Also, lately I’ve been having random info about Lucifer popping up, and the gut feeling to pray/reach out to Lucifer. King Paimon reached me similarly in the beginning.
• Does it sound possible that Lucifer is wanting me to connect with him? •

Sorry for the long post :heart: thanks :pray:


I am not sure I can instruct you in this, but I will bump it up the list and tag a few who might be able to do so.

@Anziel_Merkaba @Akashiel @DarkestKnight @Lady_Eva @Purple

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Honestly, go with what you feel is right.

That’s normal-ish for very strong presences actually.

You answered your own question with:

Stop second guessing yourself, because you’re only making yourself doubtful of your own experiences.

As far as consecrating objects, look up how to make holy water or consecrate/charge crystals, you can find a lot of info that can be similarly applied to any other thing.


Thank you for your advice :slight_smile: I really do appreciate it.
And yes, I do need to work on my self doubt. I have a strong intuition, but sometimes I overthink. Lol, my own worst enemy :joy::woman_facepalming:

The most basic way I was told was to hold it in your right hand, clear your mind, imagine white energy going into your piece of jewelry, and then imprint what you will (desire) into it, and enclose it. Also blowing on anything should always be your first step too.


Thank you for taking the time to reply. I’ve been trying to find an easier way to accomplish that; not that I’m lazy, but because I’m still operating/in this journey somewhat secretly, so I don’t really have the space (yet) to put objects/tools in a certain place. But this really helped me, thanks

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I use extremely cheap things for my spells. I don’t believe you need that much to cast ones.

These are small and can be put in lipstick holder from the dollar tree.

Glass Vials, 1 Dram, Pack of 12


If a name of a spirit pops in your head, go down that rabbit hole. Often you will be glad that you did. Spirits interact with us in various ways, especially during ritual or when we try to connect with them in some way. If something happens during that ritual time, take it as being part of the ritual. In the case of the feeling warmth on your ankle during the ritual, I would take it as Paimon letting you know he was there. Ceremony is a time to step back from our more logical selves to embody in the experience, so don’t second guess yourself of things that occur during it that you cannot explain :slight_smile: I actually clap my hands at the start and end of ritual to remind myself that it is not the time to overthink things

As far as consecration and cleansing objects, the advice above are what I would recommend as they are similiar to how I learned to do it.


Thank you; I had a few different situations pointing me to contacting Azazel, mostly from King Paimon giving me hints. Long story short, I did last night and Azazel said the same thing: stop doubting myself. :joy::woman_facepalming:

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Lol I think we all have had that same message come through to us in one way or another :slight_smile: keep going then

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I also feel like he said that King Paimon is proud of me, amongst a few other things. Which really surprises me because I’m still new, less than a year, and King Paimon is the first/only one I’ve contacted so far, until last night.

King Paimon seems to be one of those spirits who seems to enjoy helping those who come to him. I have yet to had the pleasure but I have heard that from multiple people, whether those who are just starting off or those who have been doing it for a long time, Regardless, enjoy the experience as it is meant to be special for you.

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I was looking at a TOAF ritual to the angels of prostitution and what you did with blood, alcohol, etc seems pretty spot on. The ritual I was looking at utilized candles, incense, a ritual bath before hand, and clothing special to you that would be used in that ritual that’s not your everyday clothing (I imagine in sex magic it would be sexy clothing or something of that sort like silks, satins, lace, etc.

I’ve felt similar warmth, cuts, pressures when doing such rituals (I’m new to it after all) and it seems right. For me creating a sacred space can be difficult esp since those around me hate the occult and are very controlling SOBS. Top on my lists is financial security and living sanctity. Once I can build and become fully self sufficient with no overseers looking over my shoulder I can continue to build a physical sacred space instead of ones in my mind and attempted astrally. I need to get a lancet as my knives just don’t cut right and one accident sucked. Alternatively, I could punch myself in the nose.

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Good will too. I once found a crystal bowl there for a few dollars and tables, etc.

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Yesss, I totally agree and understand where you’re coming from. And thank you for your input, I never knew that group existed

It’s a good looking group with free rituals and no huge requirements. Even if you can’t or don’t participate in the projects you can utilize the free stuff and buy their works. I’m just impatient on shipping.