Charging and empowering a Talisman

I have ordered a ring that I intend to charge with a specific energy and in the hope that it will maintain the charge which will have an impact on my own energetic field when worn.

Now I realise that as an occult novice if this is successful at all it will not be very powerful, but I also would think that as time passes and abilities grow it would be possible to increase the charge of the Talisman.

I dont recall reading any methods by EA on doing this. I am thinking of going to Bardons works for a method…Thoughts? What method would people use or would be useful for me to research?

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Try this link:

You can customize it how you feel is right. ie: using blood, semen, etc.

Hope that helps.

Hello, that should be a powerful action- as will affect for a while to come, as well as reflect back on it (have a Stored -feeling- like a record). I’d think the key is the way that you feel drawn to do the charging (infuse, or even better word- enchant-ment).
As the method is a use of a certain tool/skill

Per EA’s methods- the “concecration” of the tools, modified not just as a general “invocation of omnipotence” (energy of your self) but layer upon that the type of charge you are seeking to infuse (thus fill your “being” with that flavor so to speak)
- even more the tendency seems to point towards Evoking… and rather than to physical presence, just tapping one and communicating with (via Opening a Sigil- until there is a swing of focus from contacting Else, until you sense that Entity also looking upon your Focus ~the ring)
Just practicing and refining what that charge is (before enfusing, into, via calling it up, practice in calling up that precise charge “tone” to refine and perfect it)… and if to call upon an Entity the choice of which one (looking amongst the listings- contacting a few, and sense, even if “intuition” ie what is their response, on board? interest? a new energetic flavor, ie a different angle or perspective to add to the charge-feeling-tone)
if you’ve the Div course, I could how many of the steps of that could be combined with this, making a “journeyman’s-like” task… mini-pathworking

I’d come up with a “sigil” or symbol for the charge, over and above a sigil that may be used for substantial contact to an Entity… rework and tweak that design (best be a squiggle, as you get a different feeling for the charge, and what it “means to you”- change that squiggle a little, or a lot)… thus is like a targeting- GPS coords once you are ready… coming up with that “targeting” signalline, as well as choosing and getting contact (fdbk, contribs?) for the Entity… then working out how to do so, and how you’ll work with it later… can have a sense of life, and should unfold, or rather ReVeal.
I think done in this way, it will then change the EnChantment Charge as your development happens on-its-own, as you say “as time passes and abilities grow it would be possible to increase the charge of the Talisman.”

Espec as the deeper levels of mind -which are what do these Works- operates in a different Holographic type relation to space, as well as a different relation to Time (before and after aren’t so clear, and not the usual “pop-culture” non-linear time)

in the Become A Living God Ebk p.53 or p68 -as two different basic outlines, but expand on either as the Ebk sets a framework- feel the flow of the wave your path and self-current is and ride that (ie diff ways lead to diff ends and means- as a way to test out and taste which do you seek? where/how do you seek to Become?)

and Espec as the Ebk starts out p8 “the power of Evocation is twofold” both of those points combine to reveal more than the obvious words

lastly a “trial-run” I wouldn’t think so much of “banish-cleansing” to start from a clean-slate- but what is done is layered upon where a thing is at in the working, thus if you give a charge: its not so much putting X into something, but X changes the target into “Y”… the affect being a modifier.
And thus… a second working would be acting upon where it is then… so on.

just my two-sense at the beginning of this NewYr, best of luck to you

Azesiel and taokua thank you for your thoughts… I did some work with sigils last year and feel comfortable with using this kind of working. But i’m being kind of slow here I think…

I get the condensation and symbolisation of my desire and the energy required as is needed in the process of the creation of a sigil, but I still am not seeing how this creates a link to a physical object - in this case a ring. And I am not sure I get the idea of a creation of a sigil for “substantial contact to an entity?” My understanding of sigil magic was that it was a use of ones own magickal power to effect change in the universe rather than involving any entities…

I will do some meditation on this and who knows even attempt to scry it!

I think there is some confusion as to what is attributed to what kind of sigils. Personalized sigils like the kind described by Spare work with the subconscious to affect change. These have no ties to entities unless an entity was added to the sigil. For example you could use “It is my desire/will to enhance my psychic abilities.” or add an entity “It is my desire/will that insert spirit help me develop my psychic abilities.” and create the sigil from the s.o.i.

You could also use the sigil or seal of an entity to empower the ring with your personalized sigil being engraved upon it. Open the sigil of an entity you wish to work with and visualize it empowering the ring.

To follow on what is in the last comment, I’d just add- there are two types of symbols:
thus a “sigil” I’d use to indicate an Entity or Aeonic-Current, which one uses for substantial-contact which Informs and perhaps Boosts one’s Working;

vs what I called a targeting-Squiggle
as above referenced Spare’s work (although “chaos magic” is much looser than in AOSpare’s concepts)- which is at times called a sigil also- the word used for both as the symbolic address-type is the same, but the second one is, as you mention, just one’s own thoughts- resonance, etc.) This I see fits into EA’s method, whereas he doesn’t indicate a symbol just says call up the thoughts and Emotion of goal… (EA’s method only seems to explicitly use the first type)

To make a link to the physical item- that is through the elusive quality when opening a sigil (of either type, or both in my prior comment- each is distinct)- and then rather than send as a seed to show up in your life (sending to “create an event/conditions”), or ‘send’ into the Triangle (or mental Space- if not in actual physical) as part of evocation… those two types of targets for different effects, in this case the “target” is the talis…
<I call it Elusive qual as how that link is “pointed at” or indicated… at times called “intention” but I think that word doesn’t represent well, per how else it is used in common life. But the Working- open sigil and immerse into “theta-gamma” and let that Rapture glow out of your cells- not just “in mind” but a thrilling feeling (almost- just drink a bunch of sugar and caffine feeling- as well as just got a great idea… ready to act), let that feeling in your phy (ex down through arms and hands and then out into space)… that feeling in room should affect your mindspace, and mindspace further “Shift” the room… if another walked in, or by, the room- It should be quite clear something is different
in that state- contact, and Tune-the Freq, and link to Talis

Sort of longer version of last sentence in above Comment- but I disagree with it literally as implies being in a state of mind, and a state of physiology, at all “usual” So in that regard I’d have to rephrase it, else disagree…

Also I’d say a big issue- I’m hoping greatly this will be addressed in the Mastering Evocation Course, as well as being a topic discussed more on this forum- that relates to the confusion of the 2 “types of sigils”…
Is many Create symbols that resonate with a collection of thoughts (and if activates the “subconscious” and reflects upon the LivingImagination- can be interacted with, seen to move and speak…)
and if one has one’s Individual “intent” (can send Will to create a seed- to affect change, ex the CandleBurning rites)…
combine those two and believe one is contacting an Other, and just “contacting” working with… vs Contacting An Actual Other (Entity)

-I’m not sure if that makes sense (that one can summon and work with any concept by designing a symbol, vs AOS atavistic resurgence and/or tapping certain levels-of Desire -parts of his system- that were interpreted as just indicating ideas)

this became clear to me after working with such “astral-mental” patterns vs concrete contact when I began learning Taoist Energy working (like having worked with circuit-boards yet no power turned on… then plug it in, and contrast with the pure voltage of a Tesla Coil and Lightning itself)… but until contact, hard to recog the distinction

I hope above might make sense, I recog it isn’t as clear, as I’m wishing to clarify to myself- I’d like to be more clear how to ask for clarity on this (per EA’s recent work on Omnipotence Course)- but to have the clarity to ask for it clearly :slight_smile: anyway-

So if you were looking to only use the “second type” of sigil (not involving entity) that’s a way to go also- I mention it, as you ask the way to make the change, and what better way than working with another Being that is Energy-Power itself (who is consonant with that purpose, and thus finding one- reqs clarifying etc.)

You write: “not seeing how this creates a link to a physical object” (other refs, not only on the forum, but other writings, seem to fall in the “pour a type of liquid into, or stuff an Energy-Charge into-Packit” -which is not the only “Model of Working” -there are many

(for ex: enter Trance- WakingLucid dr go on Journey to “Find” and bring back a dream version of the Talis Object (ring in this case)- upon return Wake-up, still “holding” aware of that "Dream-Object- without losing that Found-Quality… and Put it into the Ring…
or Delve-Dive down into the underlying structure of the WeavePattern that is beneath the “ring” and yet is also “supporting” the circumstances you wish to Change (as was, and the deisred to be) once contact- the “base-code” so to speak… change that… then return back up to Normal without losing that fix… until clear in mind, in the Temple space… then let it go… etc.

or bring another (like an Entity) and have them change the Waveform from the Talisman, the affect that it will have upon things… etc… (and the how, is up to that Entity)… etc.

Different models- not only Infuse into a blankslate (literally a Hermetic model, thus the hermetic-seal of chemistry)

But any of above I see two versions- one that one can script and go through in the usual state of mind, vs Shifting into that “Rapture state” that brings the Crossroads through YOU into the PhyEnviro of the Working
(I find reading words written in that state of mind a challenge, as well as recalling memorized, so easily speechless…
-just as so easy to drift and go Inward before reaching the Crossroads)

 -  To really begin such a Working, as this, one reaches and sustains a state where one feels power and connection and IS in such a way, one no longer wants to act- no need to.  And yet remember and trigger the action, but how make sense to do so in that state?   <<That state of mind, and how it will and does now view what you are seeking to do, how will you See-Understand it in that state, and thus operate from it... flowing the Rapture through you and filling your room,...

[this is a reason I see why shorthand indicators, very few (if not singular- at a time) purposes… all “thinking” done prior, so that in the Working- its just connecting a couple of things, etc. Simplicity and Clarity

(and yet what we think “that other state” will be like, or should be like, or whatever may not relate to what it is: the key is just a few times stepping into it… accustom to via practice… thus EA’s 5 times, just enough to operate from, then reflect on…)

 gee I included more than a couple of ideas here (it seems to me the main concepts require the completeness or else a partial concept is more misleading than none- and the important foundation is contrary to our "usual-culture"  or else this would be what we do all the time.    I hope this isn't too long and someone can parse pieces out of this....   
 if any agree with above pts, I'd love to have more exposition by EA in courses upcoming.


I recently created an item of power that I feel is very similar to the one you are intending to create. I’ll detail the experience here and explain anything I think is relevant but do ask questions if I am not clear. I realise this technique probably won’t appeal to you but it will hopefully give you some food for thought.

My intention was to create and item of power that I could use a focus when performing magic on the go if I didn’t have the necessary resources to do a full ritual (time, space, implements). Further I wanted to create a “Seed of Divinity”, as the item would be created in a transcendent state I intended to invest that power into the talisman so that when ever the item is looked at or handled that state is invoked. As the talisman is a piece of jewellery it is constantly against my skin, being handled and looked at therefore constantly pulling me towards that state making and giving a more acute control over my reality.

The item was acquired and then placed on my altar for a week to purifying it. This area is treated to banishing and empowerments on a daily basis. The talisman was chosen to contain relevant symbolism.
I had previously arranged in my workings that Martal would be lending his power to the creation of this item.

The ritual took place at a type of music festival we have in these parts. Totally of grid and illegal they tend to attract hippie types which means a lot of occultists too, although mostly shamanistic, pagan and yogic types (regardless of what you think of these path, the energy radiating of these people is huge). The dance floor at these events is a huge vortex of power that is very easy to draw from once you know how to get into its flow.

Once the sun went down I took a good dose of LSD. LSD is a very power substance to use it a ritual setting, it allows incredible transcendent states to be accessed but its takes a lot of willpower to channel them to a particular end rather than getting caught up in “the perfection of the now”. Also if you aren’t familiar with high doses of psychedelics or have ever tried them I would strongly caution against leaping right in. Sometimes the experience can be terrifying, especially if one isn’t in touch with their dharma/Will.

Whilst I waited for it to kick in I did some yoga. This has several benefits. As one “comes up” of LSD they tend to become acutely aware of their own physiology. As your awareness increases you can start to feel your organs which tends to induce nausea in me, also you become more aware of misused muscle groups, such as that quad you constantly flex to help compensate for a knee injury or the workplace induced bad posture will become obvious allowing you to stretch and relax it to get proper healing and use.

Secondly a properly stretched body is able to relax better and enter deeper states of meditation. If you have trouble getting comfortable for meditation, yoga or some other form of stretching can make a real difference. Finally, as will be demonstrated I was going to be in for a huge work out and wanted to be limber.

Once the acid had kicked I performed my banishing and empowerments and evoked Martal. Giving the setting I obviously wasn’t able to do a full circle-triangle-incense thing. I carved his sigil into the dirt and opened it calling him into the space around me perceiving him fully on the astral. In my workings I have found Martal to be an amazing catalyst for initiation and transition into transcendent states, perfect for this working.

This talisman was then charged using shamanic dance whilst gripping the talisman tightly in my hand. When performing shamanic dance the idea is to push ones self to the point of breathless exhaustion where you feel like passing out. As you approach this point your body forces you to give way to a higher state of consciousness to prevent injury, if you are able to maintain will power in this transition you can then draw from this higher state to keep you dancing allowing you to spiral onwards to higher and higher states until eventually your muscles are so overloaded with lactic they begin to seize and you are forced to stop or risk flying off and either hitting something (a person or bonfire) or breaking bones. At this point I enter into half lotus and drain out all of the accumulated power into the talisman through meditation. Once I felt recovered I then started up with the dance again. This carried on for about 4 or so hours until my body simply wouldn’t go on, I could barely even walk, I pretty much then collapsed in front of a fire and watched the sun rise, passing out some time later.

I consider the operation as incredible success. The talisman is a complete boon.

OK, guys sorry for the delay in replying I have been moving house this past week and its been a bit crazy! Taukua thank you for taking the time to get your thoughts on this unpacked here…

Soundwave, fascinating ritual approach, though you have me pegged, LSD and shamanic dancing not my bag! However it has made me think of Spares method of sigil activation where amassed energy is crystallised in a brief moment into an object (in his case a sigil construct)…And to combine this with an evocation as well seemed just right for you in this working. Perhaps the way forward then is an evocation to empower the ritual, followed by finding a way to generate a large build up of energy then ‘earth’ this into the ring along with the intention. I will have to do daily meditations for some time though to build to this, my practice has not been consistent enough to get the theta gamma synch down well enough i feel for this… Good ideas all.