Charging a Sigil - Belial - Seeking Recommendations

I just received one of the metal Belial talisman’s available on the BALG site. (See link)

Does anyone know a good way to charge/consecrate it to Belial? I have one Baal Kadmon’s books about charging Solomonic Seals but those do not seem appropriate as they are basically angelic operations. Can someone recommend a good charging / consecrating procedure I can use for this?

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BTW, it’s a nice talisman. It’s not a tiny little bit of metal. It’s almost 2 inches across and heavy.

Why dont you ask him to put his own energy into it?

He could charge it himself.

That’s what a spirit did with the sigil I bought


That is pretty much what I was asking for. You hit the nail on the head. I’m looking for any sort of successful ritual, spell, operation … whatever that someone else has used to accomplish this same thing.

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Just present the sigil to him and ask him to put his energy into it.

He’ll touch it or something and bam, you’re good to go.

In my case, I bought a necklace of the spirit’s sigil and so he had me take it off and he touched it for a bit then i was allowed to put it back on.

Now when I call, i’ve stopped using a paper sigil and I only use the necklace to call him. Works great. I can also use the necklace to call out mentally if I just want to talk instead of needing to do a whole evocation.

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That was kind of why I purchased it. I wanted to basically carry a small alter in my pocket to use during the day if I wanted to make contact. I originally thought it would be a pendant but DAMN it’s pretty big and heavy too. It’s about the size of one one of those key chain fobs you buy at a car dealership. And again, it’s heavy.

That may be hard to alway remember to carry around since it’s so heavy.

Try leaving it beside your bed in the morning so you can remember to put it in your pants and carry it around.

But it’ll work for mentally calling regardless of where it is.

I just hold onto it, call out my nickname for him, and i wait for his reply.

I hung it on my house key ring. That stays in my pocket most of the day.

ah ok.

Let me know what Belial thinks about you getting it and how it feels after he charges it.

Mine varies on degrees of warmth depending on when i hold it

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You could always light this candle ( and request that the talisman is consecrated and imbued with his power and energy as the candle burns… it is a 7 day candle as far as i can see… so just light and request :slight_smile: