Charged black mirror

After repeated evocations and the multiple spirits manifesting into a black mirror (obsidian) what would this do to it? Would it create a sort of charge within the obsidian? According to some website they say this about obsidian… “Black Obsidian is a very powerful and creative stone. It increases self-control. It forces facing up to one’s true self. Releases imbalances and negative energies. Black Obsidian is protective and provides support during change. It repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts.” Would this have an effect on lesser spirits that you call upon? What about lesser spirits just lingering around? What’s the best way to utilise obsidian?


It would especially help for like transformational Magick. Especially draconic magic or Magic of the draconic path.

Obsidian was referred to as dragon’s glass in the days of old. Obisidian is basically a volcanic rock formed by lava rapidly solidifying without crystallization. It was very rare and precious back in the day, because it was used in place of mirrors at a time.

It contains within it a lot of energy from the element fire and from the earth, think chthonic deities, it also has a very strong connection to dragons so it’s great as a scrying mirror for the draconic path and working with draconic entities or entities for transformation in general.

Obsidian is great for practicing scrying as well


In short, for connecting to the astral realm, working with draconic entities or path working the draconic path and self transformation

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I would say it depends on the spirit and their purpose. [quote=“John_Doe, post:1, topic:18643”]
Would it create a sort of charge within the obsidian?

Typically energy is typically left imprinted on things we interact with, especially our ritual tools. Obsidian is basically solidified liquid fire. And what does fire do? Fire purges and burns away impurities to leave only the pure.

You should typically see the obsidian accumulating power from your evocations and purging itself of unwanted energies but you still want to make sure this is the case before using it for a new ritual


Thank you for your time. Your replies were extremely helpful :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! Anytime! I’m your resident rock ( crystals, metals, you get the drift) nerd


What can you tell me about Citrine beyond what’s in a book? I already know a little. Own a nice rock…but I just like hearing about it.


Oh yeah forgot. As for the Black Mirror…it has always been my understanding when making one one must cleanse/charge it… not sure about Obsidian.

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Think of citrine, think of the sun and you’ve got it almost nailed down.

Pure naturally occurring citrine is a variation of quartz so it can and does act as an amplifier like quartz does.

It’s a major manifestation ritual, it can help you get that money you’ve wanted for months, and also for general wealth and prosperity as well. Anyone making correspondences to the sun ?

Citrine relates to your solar plexus, that’s your seat of manifestation, your will. It can help to activate and let you work actively with your solar plexus.

It balances out negative energies, helps with your intuition. Once again think of esoteric properties of the sun and you have citrine.

A fun fact I found out is that having citrine and pyrite for use in meditation and spells can have a really strong effect on attracting material wealth and prosperity as it’s their respective domains

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Sweet. Thanks. Here’s another one:

Some years ago my senses were different regarding rocks… But I had experiences with Moldavite where I was to later discover it was related to something else. But Moldavite it seemed to activate or bring out something else dormant. What are your thoughts on Moldavite and Libyan Desert Tektite (gold)

To assist in Mirror-Gazing the Talisman of Astaroth should be manufactured and consecrated. Astaroth’s colour is orange.