Chaos sorcery. a good book?

Hi,guys any one could plz tll me about tis contain of book? Its says irs a dangerous me.allrgth.let me knw if irs work or the system of nick hall.tanks.

I would say that the book is a good one.
I am on my second copy :slight_smile:

I picked up my first one during the heyday of Chaos Magic, when I lived near London. Nicks book is pretty good, with some Hoodoo stuff thrown into the chaos mix.

Check out Phil Hine as well.

Scribd may give you some insight.

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Its good … Also…Andrieh vitimus hands on chaos magick ,stephen mace stealing the fire from heaven are real good

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Tanks,i will search on it,tanks guys.i became interested,bcse the icy warz,magic news,tans so much!!!

You mean Chaos & Sorcery by Nick Hall?

I obtain any and all books on magick I can find lmfao

Zorrito it is much better:

The Paradigmal Pirate by Joshua Wetzel

Lots of chaos theory + lots of practical examples