Chaos is the Constant

If there are any new chaos magicians out there, I’ve got a tip for you on the point of chaos being the constant. When creating sigils or new disciplines for yourself make sure you have constant components for you to always go back and refer to when progressing ahead. Although chaos is chaotic it has components within it that make it chaotic therefore giving it some underlying order, oddly enough. Those components could be sigils that one would go back to and incorporate into other rituals so that the subconscious becomes more attuned with the command of that specific component. When putting other sigils together with another often used one to create a combined effect it could result in a greater expansion of the awareness of the magician’s understanding of their form of chaos. One thing I also have to point out is that chaos takes on the form of the respective anyone utilising its potential. In keeping a constant component with the chaos it begins to recognise your form of communicative expression and therefore your manifestations will grow with time and repeatition.

The awareness of chaos is the order of the matter therefore anything one consciously creates in accordance with the conditions of chaos will only expand ones field of awareness, the aura, thus solidifying the space around ones being as a space for ones conscious creations to transform their perception in the mind of the magician/anyone so that a new purpose may be realised with each progression. What I often like to say is the simulation recognises those who recognise the simulation and chaos is the simulator simulating order in a seemingly chaotic manner thus backlooping on itself. The force of awareness is the force that forces the forces to make this reality happen In Order,0112, for life to experience flow. The Awareness of Knowledge as an eternal energy that is within the center of ones entity which constructs Everything that Matters from Nothing into Something for Consciousness to summon ascendance to integrate information with the mind ,as a body of matter, expressing its perception of itself without itself, asking itself what more it can learn. With the knowledge of polishing knowledge with knowledge the knowledge acknowledges those who acknowledge the knowledge as knowledge’s knowledge and those with a knowable knowing know that knowers they know that they know nothing. Nothing is best something to know if you want to know more about something.

The Chaos of Information has taught me that much and I can only hope the gravitating black hole that is your mind has absorbed as much as it possibly could. I will hopefully be sharing more with you soon in this One Eon, Eternity. Together we advance ascension as the ascended descending into our individual identities. The power is in your hands. Peace Among the Chaos :v: :metal: :vulcan_salute: :ok_hand: :fist: