Chants of the 13 from Liber Anaxeiraxz

Has anyone used any of the chants from Liber Anaxeiraxz? Was it successful? Im going to use one of the chants for baneful purposes and i need to know how well and fast they work.

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They are very powerful but are not to play with. It is not goetia. The language is pure demonic so actually you can use some of the frases to your own invocations and evocations with other demonic powers. Talking this language brings you allies but also enemies. Anaxeiraz is the darkest magic, almost pure demonic.


How would you go about using the chants alone for a baneful purpose? Could i use one of the chants by itself on the run? Or would i need a circle and a ritual setup only?

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An evocation circle is best North East South West with Belial Beelzebub Lucifer Leviathan or your own style. An Azazel triangle to channel the spirit for the task. They are interested in blood, brocken bones, skin, organs, nails, fingers… and so a task related to that has big probability to be accepted.

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Ive been reading through the book and what caught my eye was that the 13 were the cause of the downfall of Atlantis, so i can can definitely feel how dangerously dark these beings in this book are. Thankyou for your replies. Is the chant to Egulcala to feed him curses used to actually feed him curses that have been sent to the practitioner?


Can you please tell me the name of the book and the author?