Chants Of Belial-Invocation help

Is there anybody who as this book who could help me out?? So this is the 2nd time I’m doing this invocation of Belial and I could’nt feel anything (which is the 1st ritual) can anyone give me some pro tips on maybe what I’m doing wrong? The invocation says 1 black, and 1 white candle but I only have access to tea light candles so it’s not as bright as a regular stick candle so I had to use 6 white plus 1 black but it wouldn’t matter on how many candles right?


Is this the book from Edgar Kerval, Chants of Belial? Lots of magicians are in contact to Belial through the sigil: Help me plz

Maybe try with the known one and than with the new one.


The thing is… All these rituals and elaborate methods are to prepare the human mind and create the environment conducive for the human mind to perceive the spirit. I am not saying its meaningless but the fact is candle color, how many candles, what all other magickal tools…these all don’t actually matter. The spirit doesn’t care much about these tools and all. What does matter is your spiritual foundation which needs to be strong, your will intent and focus…and be mentally ready and prepared to call in the spirit. Belial doesn’t care much about ritual robes, candles and other stuff…to him your intent, work at hand ( for which you are calling him), clarity of mind and focus and devotion matters. So go ahead with your tea light candles…listen to that voice inside…if it feels right to light 2 tea light candles…do so…if it feels 10…do so. But get the request ready…


Yes. Edgar and Asenath worked together on it. But in the ritual I’m talking about she says to use this sigil:


Oh yes that is one of the best sigils of Belial. Includes the dark and the light aspects of Belial, the Nexus of Daath and it opens the Qliphot.

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Any knowledge your willing to share

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