Chant for Luck and Fortune

Oh Fortuna
Bless me and my rolls, my dice and my life.
Forever and ever, Amen.

With this chant I have made almost $2k in a single day and its use is simple. Whenever you experience good luck of any sort simply speak it aloud or in your mind and visualize rolling dice to a nat 20.

If you find money on the ground even a penny do so, if you get something free do so, if you catch a lucky break do so and as the energies build up your luck will continue to grow and your mental dice will gain more influence.

The use of a prayer structure is intentionl to tap into that kind of power but also because the two Hebrew words contain specific power that aids in this. YHVH gives a universal power and Amen is traditionally based on a sealing of a command as so shall it be. Tapping into these fields of power and belief only make it all the stronger.