Chant before ritual before any demon magick and black magick

This incantation /chant will basically set you into the right mood and atmosphere

Inza’holl mach’oll kar’anta chaos
Lit the black flame inside me
Open the gates of hell
Open the gates of the infernal empire be open
Let the ancient and infernal ground open
Let the sun shine power
Let the moon glow on power
Let the day enlight
Let the night ignite
Let the air blow with powerful and living prana
Let the earth spin
Let the stars align
Let the heavens fall and the hell rise
King of the bottomless pit swallow me whole into the abyss
Belial open the gates
Amaymon enpower the prana that I breath reveal the mysteries
Azazel let the darkness begin
The ritual the calling shall begin
Alash tal alash tad alashtu


Thanks for sharing Dearest Xag

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There’s a complete tutorial into it
I count to 20
Or I just stare and relax and wait the trance to come
Here the biggest advice for trance
Don’t try too hard and don’t force
Simply let and flow.


Cool :wink: thanks Xag