Channelings/Your experiences and views of such

Hello guys.

I am not exactly new here nor in the path of magic and thee finer processes .

Just wanna ask how do you do your channelings or how do you experience it .
What is common in each channeler praxis.
What is the common pattern for that when it occurs .

I myself included am a channeler more so in the realm of the demonic i suppose for now wich realm i am more in contact with.

How do we know what we know.
And where we can distinguish between a good channeler and a beginner or hoax.

I have many channeled stuff prepared and are waiting to be released .

Before that i wanna hear your views and Knowledge on that Topic before i release it.

With friendly regards your



Hay Lux,

It’s an old dead topic but I want to see your channeled stuff, you have loads of dark knowledge, let the darkness flows from inside of you.

Eternal Dark Blessings! :black_heart:

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Hey @scalarshot Man i do understand your passion for such knowledge and practices and ill do my best in these regards to show what is ment for the public be it by my whisdom and intuition and the whisdom from the beings and powers i channel it from. And also if it is in accordance with the current flow of evolution individually and colectively of our people and beings and other open individuals and seekers😊

Many blessings and best regards


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