Channeling Topic: Channeling Metatron About General Magickal Advice


" Magick is simultaneously more advanced and more complicated and more simple than you could know or imagine. The human mind is not naturally suited towards all the nuances.

What you need to know is this.

The God at the center of Chaos is the Godhead. The Godhead is the embodied form of divine cognition.

There are many cognitions. What is most useful to you is more knowledge about the general workings of the omniverse. Magick and what forces belong to what paradigm.

Magick is simple. All it is is understanding the nature of change across time. Time in many dimensions. The complexity is simple. All it is is divinity in the form of man. Mankind and its template is inherently divine. In being the master form of humanity, the human being is simultaneously the embodiment of all vibrations.

Magick is one thing. Mysticism is another. All in all, the words are formless but belong to levels of cognition you cannot understand except through meditation.

What you call spirituality is nothing more than one moment in the divine. Now it’s this.

For magick in particular there are many devices I can use to illuminate things. Now it’s this:

  1. Strengthen your astral body.

The astral body is the embodied form of time and space energy. To do magick is to work within boundaries. To best infiltrate those boundaries is to manipulate time and space. Strengthen your astral body by calling upon Saturnian forces to ground your whole being amongst the many planes.

  1. Allow your cognition to function.

Magick manifests through the mind. The conscious mind is the final arbiter of what enters your reality or not. Allow your mind to manifest for you. Let go and let it continue to send the unconscious signals. That why it can function.

The rest is understanding these two principles.

Fear. It’s the ultimate limitation.

For number 1, it’s this. Time and space flow infinitely in and all directions as the Saturnian force that binds you. Technically all cosmological planes are bound by time or space in some capacity as Saturn affects your viewpoint of the realms beyond.

Now it’s this.

The whole of what I want to say is this. It was only that you must merge your mental body with time in order to view more of the world.

Epsilon. Translate this into your mind and then ask questions."

" For once I just like to cover all that I really feel should be said."


" Time and space is a Saturnian construct, but as time flows throughout all the realms so too does Saturnian energy infiltrate the higher realms above what is called the realm of Saturn.


The rest is this. All it really consisted of is to ground yourself in time and space and to allow yourself to dissolve the boundaries of cognition to reach a greater height.

To do this, you must die a third death, the death of Eternity. Once reality fades and what is left of you is transcended, you will begin to comprehend True Life.

The rest is this. That’s all."



" I will give you this. The magickal advice is nothing more than to ground yourself in time and space more all-encompassingly. Do so and strengthen your mind. Evoke and invoke the planes themselves. This will help you.

The rest though, for mysticism and what lies beyond is this. All it was was expanding your consciousness past the point of what you thought possible. Mysticism and magick are but words, the only thing this required was the emptying of your thoughts and consciousness and allowing the boundaries of reality to dissolve. Through this, you will learn more.

The rest is this. There is only one paradigm, that of the Eternal Jester. Allow yourself to be lost in trance and reality and you will see what does not exist is all that exists. That’s all."

" Thank you."

I dismiss Metatron.