Channeling question

Can I use channeling or necromancy somehow to make music like Avicii or to communicate with Avicii himself.

Ive communicated with some musician spirits in the past. My spirit husband is one as well. No musical spirit could instantly grant you perfect musical creativity on a whim, but they can surely help out.

I say yes to the channeling. You can certainly at least attempt it with Avicii.
When you are practising artistic channeling (arguably any channeling) I believe that integrity and purity are essential. I think of it like this: if you wanted to impart an important message to the outside world through another person, would you choose a messenger who is not for truth, who only chooses truth when it is convenient for them? No, you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t trust that your message would pass through them in tact, if it arrived at all. Rather, you would choose the most pure vessel possible to carry your message so that it retained its original integrity, its true meaning.
This isn’t something I’ve heard or read anywhere but rather my own insight based on direct experience.
So if you want to become successful in artistic channeling, my advice is to take a critical look at yourself and if you are not entirely confident that you are worthy of the privilege and thus up to the task, do the necessary work on yourself to make it so.

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I don’t want instant music creativity
Iam already very creative but I want to communicate with Avicii to help me make music like him or to make songs that he didn’t finished.
Something like this kind of stuff.

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I think that I am very creative and I like the music that I make(around 1 year) but I want to commune with one of my “idols”, to have a touch whit a music genius(not only Avicii).

It probably wouldn’t be necromancy given he could be reincarnated somewhere so it would more than likely be invoking or channeling his spiritual body.

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Hm… I didn’t think about this…
That he maybe will be incarnated.
Thanks for advise.

Yes, I understand. My point is, you need to ask yourself why would a musical genius choose you, specifically, to make contact with? What makes you a trustworthy channel for their gift?