Channeling Meditation on Owl Lilith

In this meditation channeling, I was sitting nearby the same seashore where I always end up.

It was early morning dawn and the sunlight pierced through a veil of clouds, shinning down it’s warm rays upon me. I felt gentleness and warmth on my skin. The sunlight enveloped me and for some strnage reason, I felt vulnerable and naked to the Sun. I held my arms tight around my chest as if I were holding my secrets inside. I felt like I wanted to cry, but I didn’t. I got up and sojourned to my inner personal temple.

Through this temple, I ventured into the other realm and was standing upon a dirt pathway into the forest. It was about evening and the sky melted into a red twilight. I walked down this path and there upon a high branch of a pine tree, I spot a barn owl with a beautiful, white heart-shaped face and eyes as black as ebony staring at me. This barn owl was staring deeply at me. I continued to walked down the heavy thicket path, crushing along archaic branches and thorns while shadows were dancing either side of me. I’ve reached a clear, small circle of a field and in this field lay a small blood red rose. I picked it up and cupped it in my hands, stroking the velvet sides of the petals. The barn owl appears again as she swoops down to meet me at the center of the circle. She nips on my finger as I pet her. She climbs onto my arm, her razor claws digging into my flesh. Still with the rose in my other hand, she says to me

“I am always with you. I am you and you are me.”

I thanked her and she flies off. I headed back to same pathway, going back to my inner personal temple. I’ve reached the seashore and lo and behold, Heylel (Lucifer) waits for me there. He grabs a hold of my hand tightly, I can almost feel the warmth of his strong hand in mine as he looks boldly at me in the eyes. I felt as if my heart dropped down into my stomach.
I wake up out of my trance meditation. I still slightly feel tingling buzz over my hands and third eye.
Does Heylel (Lucifer) make anybody feels this way?


Wonderful read! When with Lucifer in my lucid dreaming I get a very warm and loving feeling. We have a connection which really makes me miss him when he’s not around (appears as fully male for me). When working with my sigils I always sign them off with Lucifer’s own sigil and I meditate for a moment asking him for support in actioning whatever I am trying to achieve. The same calm and loving feeling comes to me when I do this. Your meditation spot sounds like an enchanting place to be and I look forward to reading more of your posts :heart:

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Yes! He has this awesomeness to him. :slight_smile: Sometimes i get nauseated maybe it has to do with the entity’s presence.

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I haven’t experienced nausea that I can remember, however next time he visits me I will see if I wake up with the feeling :smile:

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Nice trip I’m still not sure why the sun made you feel like that but stuff happens I enjoyed the part where she nips your fingers befor speaking kind words to you, I’ve done meditation working on y crown I pictured limbs to have the petals growing out of ivand ended up infron of Lilith and an owl that placed it’s egg in the crown of plant that formed from the working was super awesome so I have a little bit of the owl Lilith thing understanding though she didn’t appear as an owl herself. I’m was like what’s he gonna say on edge of seat reading then it ended and you asked if he made others feel that way. So any update on spiritual working of what his message about that was? You wernt like extra exscusive with Lucifer where he would of got jelouse were you which would be weird cause Lilith is Lilith they love each other.