Channeling goetic demons in art

So ive been working with the Goetia for the last few months, its been… Its been eye opening to say the least. So I’ve been working on channeling the energy into pieces of art, ive had a connection with Dantalion prior to this working, he’s been extremely helpful in opening up my mind and senses towards him and other spirits, and to not take short cuts with ritual.
Anyway, this is his channeled image, his constant changing appearance is best described as if you’ve ever seen the movie “a scanner darkly”.

I plan on doing more of this art and channeling, its a nice way to solidify a connection to an entity. Thank you Duke Dantalion for your help!


President Marbas, Marbas is what I would call an inquisitive and inviting energy. He is an engineer, he seeks to work things and show how things work, in particular aspects of the body. How to heal, how to understand sickness, how to alter the body for its benefit and demise (side note, instead of saying “I’m sick” say “I’m getting better” or “my immune system is becoming stronger”, its a simple technique but it really works). President Marbas 's energy is very feline in nature, he seems to stare with curiosity very similar if you’ve ever watched a cat watch you. Thank you President Marbas, i can’t wait to work with you again. :lion:

Side note, during the channeling and seeing him he was in a reclined pose and doing different stretches as we talked, why my hands created a portrait like piece, not entirely sure haha but i enjoyed it, thank you again President Marbas


Wow these are so beautiful! I’m definitely looking forward to more! :^)


Thank you! Well there’s 70 more to go with this, I’m pretty stoked myself :smile:

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Awesome channeled artwork! I do the same thing. Honestly I’d keep those drawings safe and when you’re done with all 72, create canvas prints for them and sell them. That way you can keep the originals because they are sacred.

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Marquis Amon, marquis Amon is what i would call a spirit of comfort and understanding, in working with him im prior rituals as well as my recent evocation. It seems from my workings he is best described as preferring the olive branch over the sword, but it doesnt mean he isn’t carrying the blade. He is a lunar energy and a spirit of the north, his energy flows like water (in my experience stay hydrated when evocating him, having some water in the ritual also helps as he enjoys it). What does the Marquis Amon ask for if you ask to fix a friendship or relationship, well he’s asked me for physical exercise, the dedication of energy for him.
Thank you Marquis Amon for your your help and workings. Ive got some pushups to do for you :bird: :full_moon_with_face:


So i wanted to share in this journal as well my evocational triangle that i use

Whenever i perform a ritual to invoke or evoke a goetic spirit I pretty much follow solomonic ritual. The circle has written around it the 7 planetary symbols, written around them is their sephiroth and archangel, and following them is their corresponding archangel’s signature. For me at least, the potency of the ritual being increased by calling not only the demons spiritual superior (ex, if it a duke, then i would command him in the name of his king, still yet to anybody reading this show respect and honor to the titles of these beings, don’t threaten, command) as well as their corresponding archangel as a means to ensure the results of the ritual. I used a purple cloth (reasoning is that purple is a color of regal authority, wealth, wisdom, i could dive deeper into the kabbalistic meanings but that should be for a different post) and paint to make this over my hair and blood, and it’s still a work in progress as I intend to update it with the planets Olympic spirits as well as I figure out how i want to lay out the geometric shape. This has been working for me, but I highly suggest that each individual do what’s best for themselves and their workings.