Channeling belial

In the beginning I took a picture of my setup and I saw a black figure on the flash but not in the picture. That’s was weird.

It’s kinda funny because I forgot to grab paper and ended up writing some of the information on envelopes😂 I later grabbed my journal and wrote down everything that came to head. The channeling had no direction. I just wanted to talk.

I know this is going to be impossible to read for you guys cus if my handwriting. I’ll retype it here.

How do you feel about me?
It’s mixed, you’re lazy but motivated. You are complicated. I will enjoy shaping you. There is so much more to work on. Some of which you didn’t even know was a problem.

What do you teach?
You already know some of what I teach, but at the same time you kw nothing. I can show you how to revive messages from spirits with ease. I can teach you secrets that will change you and what you think you are. This path is not something to joke about. Take me seriously.

Is the gate keeper path for me?
That is your choice, not mine. Your path is always your choice.

Side note he gave me.
Stop acting like a fool! You know more than you actually think you do. Start acting like it.

Are you going to help me? Yes. But are you ready?

How will things unravel?
It’s already in motion. I am already at work. This will be a horrible experience for you. Enjoy it.

What do you like as gifts?
I like cherry and chocolate. I like home cooked foods, and I hear you are quite the chef.

How do you feel about weed?
I don’t mind it as long as it’s not abused. But never call be while high.

Is there a subject you would like to talk about?
Your commitment. In order for any of what you want to work you need to fully commit. If you’re not ready than it will destroy you and effect the ones around you.

Last thing he said was "I’m glad you took that time to work on yourself. You did great, but there is more work to do. No more distractions.

Let me know if this sounds like a successful channeling. I felt it was accurate.


Is it bad that I burst out laughing when belial is around. It also happens when I read something that he said. I think his presence makes me laugh😅


thanks for the channeling.:+1:
and yes it him when i was reading i felt his energies and i think the laughing burst was probably energy that needed to be released.
kerp up the good work!:slightly_smiling_face:
hail belial!!:metal::metal::metal:

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Its not bad. Ilaughed first, time, meeting, asmodeus, and, king, paimon… They stimulate your sacral chakra and lose its grip so to say


That’s good news. And I definitely will keep the work up.

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That makes sense.

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