Channeling Azazel and a mos after my pact with him

He tends to laugh alot, has any of you had the same experience? When I channel him he is very confident, and will laugh at things that we feel are so important but he sees it as petty. Love it lol He is amazing. So far he has made things come to fruition after doing a pact with him a mos ago.

Uh, interesting how the spirits react some of our human issues… I’d be interested to read about anything that you have discussed with him.

300th post, 151 likes - so about half of what i talk is shit? Lol

Yes, while not with Azazel, other spirits tend to do the same about human issues.

And Black Flame? Dude, half what you say is liked, the other is met with silent envy :smiley: So you cool brah.