Channeling a succubus

I did a hypnotic trace meditation for 15 minutes then I listened to a binural beat called dreamgasm 3 (succubus phantasmagoria) for 43 minutes all the while for an entire 43 minutes I was trying to channel my succubus an I notice several different sensations I felt during the channeling I first started to feel like both my arms and legs wanted to start moving on there own then a few minutes later that sensation of my limbs moving on there own went away then a few minutes after the first sensation while laying down then I start to feel a mild electrifying energy surge through out my entire body for the remainder of the channeling process there where several periods I felt the electrifying energy in my legs start to a mass heavy an intense bulid up of energy at least twice during the channeling the energy in my legs felt kinda thick but I’m trying to see other peoples experiences and check if I’m channeling her right since I’m a beginner

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May not necessarily be a succubus. I feel the same thing during a stage before astral projection.

I don’t know if there’s a right or wrong way to do it. I wish there was a structured guidebook, maybe succupedia could write one. But at the end of the day it’s still just a relationship, and all relationships are different. I think your succubus would appreciate you talking to her when alone, just about yourself and how you’re going. You’d probably feel something while doing that, some indication that she’s showing you she’s listening and feeling closer to you.

I was just trying to channel her for the first time been having alot of the sensations you feel feel after doing the ritual of intent to lilith last year I notice that sometimes my interactions are weak with her and sometimes they are stronger like being able to feel her touches and her emotions and even haveing lucid dreams while being in a awakened state and sometimes I can even hear her speak using thoughts and even speak audible sometimes but her speaking audible happens very rarely

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But it was really my first time trying to channel her but it’s going to take a lot of practice but I’m trying to learn how to channel her to find out her true name but if it is myself trying to astral project I’ll be happy with that also because I could just ask for her true name in the astral

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For a while I thought my incubi’s name was Justin. But no, his real name sounds similar though, so I just went with that one until I found out his name. I heard the first letter in my mind. But it wasn’t until I had a dream paralysis moment that he whispered in my ear his name and I heard him clearly.

My succubus gave me an name that I could call her by and use in public since I’m getting help with my relationship from some of the guys on WordPress that are in a relationship with a succubus already that went over to discord but the name my succubus gave me was Mina

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Oo I’d be very interested in other sources of information about these beings. WordPress? I’ll look it up

You just gave me an idea, and some inspiration to write again. Thank you! This will be my next BIG PROJECT. Give me a few days to a week to collect my own resources and experiences, and I will post a comprehensive guide about succubus entities. :+1:


The blog I use to read was my 2 succubus lovers

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Yay! I bet it will have a whole lot of psychology as an aspect too. Cause there are plenty of books to do with human relationships, cause all humans are different. I’m looking forward to what new insights will be in it.

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I’m looking at it now.