Channeled Message

I recently had a very interesting channeling session. What happened is a spirit came through while I was asleep. The dream was an almost exact recreation of my room even the position I was sleeping in. This of course is an indication of astral project. Yet, in the dream I was listening to a podcast which was a modification of reality. It was in this podcast where I heard; “It is us versus them”. The second I heard “them” a compression occurred on both sides of my head causing my hearing to go out. It also caused what I can best describe as a buzzing feeling in the rest of my brain except the frontal loop which was clearer than I have ever felt awake. This is an indication of the third eye being fully opened and all other earthly senses being reduced. It was here were various images flashed in my mind. The basic result of which is something is going to happen. People are the “us”. The “them” were shown as demons, greys, reptilians and possessed people.

I have found these messages normally happen in groupings as anyone else had something like this happen recently.



Not recently, but heard something similar from another spirit. A few months ago.


Interesting, do you know which spirit it was? This one hid behind the voices of others.


@anon90630295 Thats’s interesting.

About the us vs them, are all non possessed people “them” or just some?

I believe it is just some. Unfortunately, I am not for sure what spirit provided the message. It was strong but not strong enough for me not to detect it eventually. What I got was it was a shadow roughly 10 feet tall but no defined characteristics.


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Instead of starting a new topic, I will add this here.

I am picking up energy fluxes that normally occur before a major event. I normally get them before a major earthquake or war. It appears that this one could be a nuclear reactor issue/failure. I would be curious if others are picking up on such things.