Channeled Magick Sigils(symbols) and Words that aid in hypnosis


I have channeled 5 Sigils/symbols and words that aid in 1. relaxation and aid in fast sleep, 2. relaxation of physical, mental, emotions, spiritual, astral, etheric and meridians, 3. bring fort trance state, 4. bring fort hypnotic state and 5. bring fort somnambulist state as well as theta brainwaves.

Summon extreme excitement for the hypnosis session and when you say the magick words say them with the intentions of there purpose Breath slow and do a continues long inhalation and exhalation so the breath must be slow and one. Don t move the body

With eyes closed focus eyes on the eyebrow and visualize the sigil and say the name . Maybe you need to repeat the name a few times and it also helps to visualize and say the name every 3min.You can say the words, vibrate the words, say the words with a soft sound and make them last a few seconds or repeat them fast say them 20 times as fast as possible. In other words experiment what gives you the best results.

if you get results please let me know so i can fine tune them more

I got some good feed back and i can say they are potent

This link is to a video with the proper pronunciations of the magickally words and the images of the sigils


massive synchro thanks

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