Channeled Gnosis of Crystals

Channelings from Decarabia - Uses of Stones in an Infernal Way.

Fire Agate, called Fuego-Aeshugara by the Infernal
This stone can empower any infernal working. It calls forth the black flame, and aids in shaping and healing it. Charging in fires used for curse work can turn the stone into a baneful ward. It can be used during sex magick, placed in a pillow, to enhance sexual pleasure.

Jade, called Jadeano Molek by the Infernal
This stone is precious to Moloch and helpful for work in his vampyric current. Able to block and defend against death energy, Jade is a mighty stone. Charge in fire to allow to radiate onto you, when held, authority and personal power. Jade is also a great stone for healing magick.

Pyrite, called Mammon Fauxite by the Infernal
This stone is precious to Mammon; this stone, when dedicated to Mammon, will bring wealth into your life. It can aid in thinking logically in a financial sense as well. Charge it in moonlight to bring a mighty empowerment to yourself when meditating.

Garnet, called Samael Lilite by the Infernal
This stone is precious to Samael and Lilith. Wear Garnet during sex to gain confidence, as well as to be equal in submission and domination. This works with receptivity and exertion of knowledge, non-sexually. Hold while masturbating to empower sexual manifestation. Charge in water and place in a pillow for wet dreams and well-restedness.