Changing a person's Core Traits, is it Possible?

Im curious, is it possible to change a persons outlook or behavior with the help of Demons and magic?
For example, a person who is a habitual liar, can they be compelled to want to always tell the truth?
Or, can a person who is a sex addict, or who is always looking for another partner, cheating on their partner, be compelled to stay completely loyal and monogamous?
How would one go about this if Its even possible, and which demons would one start with.


Work with their Higher Self.


First thing Impossible Is Nothing in the Occult, believe me.

With the help of Magic, Charms (which I know of) YES!

Yes, yes, yes. Especially that of the harbitual liar, I’ve onced toy with that area before…

For the sex addict or looking for another partner.
I know of a talisman, after preparing it, you’d put both parties hair (of the head - never separating, no loving another person), or their pubic hair (no other person would interest them sexually except the one whose hair is in the seal).

But people used to abuse such powerful stuff. Men who use it on their wife, would turn them to slave. Beat them. Maltreatment.

Women who have used it abused the love of the man, turned the men to their pet, like a bingo!

So, impossibile is nothing with Magic involved.


Lady Eva, I am not advanced enough to really understand working with another persons higher self. Ive had a lot of experience with sigil work, but feel really blank on astral travel, spirit work, ceremonial rituals etc. I like to keep it super simple and no tools other than raw emotions, maybe candle and incense, little blood and sigil. anything beyond that seems too cumbersome to me and loses the intent.


Never tried it with another person before, but I am undergoing the process of making fundamental changes in myself. Not to give my entire life story, but my mental health has been bad for over 15 years. I’m now 30 and I can’t work a regular job because of panic attacks from PTSD. I am working in concert with Paimon, Zagan, and Leviathan to work through baggage and transform myself. It’s only been going for about 6 months but I have noticed dramatic changes so far! If I can do it for myself, you can do it to someone else.