Changes to spirit interaction level and the bicameral mind

Recently I was thinking about some of the content I read in a book called “My Big TOE” by Thomas Campbell, who is a physicist who worked with Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute. One repeating topic that has come up on some forums I frequent every few months or so is Julian Jaynes theory of the bicameral mind. This reminded me of a quote from My Big TOE:

At one time, we (OS) were less constrained than we are now. There was more direct interaction (meddling) between NPMR (gods and spirits) and PMR (men). The extent of that interaction created results that were interfering with the intent of the experiment; consequently, more restrictive rules were made and our current OS became as we now know it. The rules (structural dynamics) can change, but not casually and not often or the integrity of the experiment will be ruined.

In the Big TOE trilogy, the philosophy that Campbell elucidates is that our physical reality is set up essentially as a learning lab in a subset of a larger reality. Now Campbell is by all accounts in the book an excellent Astral projector, but he does not offer any further evidence or comment for why he wrote this. Perhaps it is something he came across during one of his travels out of body.

Meanwhile, we have Jayne’s theory of the bicameral mind. In part of his theory we see him lay out evidence that the gods or spirits spoke more frequently to humans in the past. Jaynes puts a date of a gradual phase out of the bicameral mind beginning around the second millennium BCE.

So it seems to me that the rules of the game were changed in the distant past, to further separate what we perceive as physical reality from the rest of the system.

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