Chamuel angel of love and romance

All i am asking is for his sigil. I have work that needs to be done with him.


This is what I found through Google,

From my own experience using planetary seals and the magickal square of said planet assigned with the angel is much for effective than the seals provided online via google images and even some occult texts, since we’re talking about Arch Angels chanting their name while focusing on the planetary seal or the sigil representing the intellegences of that planet should suffice.


Does anyone know the correct pronunciation of this angel?

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He comes to me as a man with long brown hair in a white gown with a bird on his shoulder. So far 1 out of 2 requests have been met.


Hey all,
I need to ask a questions maybe someone has an answer.
I read everywhere in the forum that Chamuel is the Archangel of Love and Romance.
But how can that be when he is Archangel of Gevurah (Chamuel / Kamael…)
Love and Romance makes not much sense for me in the context of this Sephira?
I am confused :smiley:

thx, in advance. xH

I believe Chamuel is the first Archangel of the Powers, his color is the PINK ray - symbolizing love for one’s self, one’s belief system/god as well as love for others. Love in a romantic sense is very limiting as there are many other ways to express love.

Simply visualising yourself surrounded by pink light and summoning him forth should be enough, it takes only a thousenth of a second for an angelic being to be with you when you think about them.


Love is love nomatter what kind of love