Challenge: Evocation of the real Satan, Shaitan

I challenge you to summon Satan, the real, actual Satan, Shaitan, Iblis — the most feared, misunderstood and despised of all Gods! You could even invite him to possess you (and have all them nutters online go: “Oh! He’s possessed by Satan.”, lol).

Here’s the Seal and the Key of Satan:

Here’s Dukante’s Satan Sigil:

According to Faust, Satan is Governor Supreme of the Infernal Empire also known as Hell (after Lucifer, Emperor Supreme, and Belial, Viceroy):

You could ask Our Lord Satan to free mankind from the chains of religious bigotry, fundamentalism and extremism (terrorism) that are literally destroying the world and corrupting, yes, corrupting the minds of new generations.

You could ask for the establishment of a new Satanic Age, especially in this 2016 year, the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Church of Satan which put Satanism into the mainstream.

And finally, for protection of all black magicians, especially in this age of terrorism. ‘Kiss the Devil’ was playing when them jihadists attacked the Bataclan. It’s about The Devil gets his revenge. SHAITAN ACKBAR!!!