Does any one here know where I may find for sale a simple , plain, solid brass chalice?/ No gold plate, no silver plate , not stainless steel with brass plate, but a simple, no markings solid brass chalice??

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and I found the answer, all is well

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Can somebody help? Can a Chalice be any wine glass or does it has to be metal? If it can be anything wine glass then there isn’t an issue. I can’t seem to find any Chalice in my area.

Hit up a dollar store.

Material of the chalice doesn’t really matter all that much, unless you follow a specific tradition where it does. I use a stone chalice myself

Thank you for replying. I am trying to follow the Qliphothic practices of Asenath Mason. She has that ritual of pleasures book that has a Chalice. The Chalice she made looks nice but for a beginner, I don’t think it is affordable. So I was thinking of using a simple wine glass instead. I will try a wine glass and see if I will get any “feedback”.


Use a consecrated (wine) glass and don’t use it for anything else.


May I know how to get a consecrated wine glass or is there a way to consecrate the wine glass by ourselves?

Yes, you consecrate the wine glass yourself. Simply draw a specific energy into yourself, and then pump it into the glass through your hand. When it is full of power, seal it in with a gesture, like the drawing of an equal armed cross or pentagram over the object, and a statement such as, “By the Powers of Darkness, I consecrate you, creature of glass, to the Great Work.,” or “I consecrate you in the Name of the Most High, as a creature of magick and Will.”

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