Chakras open by default

I have a friend who told me that all our chakras are already open. If they weren’t open we would get sick. Is that true?


Yes. Your chakras are already open because your life force flows through them.

The work we do in the occult isn’t to open them, though many people erroneously use that phrase, but to develop them.

Think of it like exercising. Your body already has muscles because if it did not, it would be unable to move. However, through the application of progressive stress, we can make those muscles stronger, giving us greater use of our physical potential and enabling us to lift heavier weights and to move faster.

Developing your chakras and energy system functions much the same way. Through energetic methods, we make our energy system stronger, and gain greater access to its potential.


They are already open. They’re open from birth.

You tap into them and use them / mold them to your needs. I’d highly suggest looking into Energy Awareness and Energy Manipulation if you have interest in Chakras. Also definitely learn the proper Chakra meditations.


That brings me to what my friend also said… the four basic skills… they are:

Seeing Energy
Feeling Energy

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Visualize the energy and feel it.
Manifest the energy and become it.
Perceive the energy and see it.
Mold the energy and beckon it.

It’s simple really. Just takes patience and training. Energy manipulation is definitely easier than it looks at first glance. You just need to visualize it, bring it to you, and mold it to your will. Respectfully of course. I actually just made a ritual about it in Black Magick postings. It might help you :slight_smile:

I wonder If you stop exercising your chakras, do they rust? For example if you stop meditating on your third eye chakra, will you lose clairvoyance?

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Yes. You will. I lost a lot of tricks I used to know and I’m re-learning em now.

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Do chakra stones by themselves help develop your psychic senses, or do you need to visualize your chakras while the stones are in place on your body?

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You need to focus on your inner self and work on what you think needs work :slight_smile:

I have never heard of “chakra stones” so I can’t say.


I actually posted a meditation that is good for energy sensitivity and developing your energetic body a while back.

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The thing are the bindings around people. The resistance of what is true.
The fake personallities and fake knowledge lead to conditions, ailments, sickness, etc.