Chakras, Chakra Development, and Techniques

I know that there’s at least 7 chakras. How do you develop each of them for sex magick? Is there a such thing as a speedy technique? Which technique works best for you?

What everybody is looking for.
At the momment of orgasm, catch the energy and send it to strengthen your chakras, or an specific chakra, it works for strengthening the aura as well.

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What about during the ritual as well?

What ritual?

Any kind of sex magick ritual

Not everyone has 7 chakras, most people have the 7 major chakras but some have less or more, and as for chakras in general people have thousands of chakras. The minor chakras are just as important as the major chakras.

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Where are all of those chakras located is my curiosity

Throughout the entire energy body

So you’re saying that there are chakras in every single inch of the human body?

Yes and every chakra is connected by pathways.

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There are different systems of chakras. 7 is the most well known traditional system, but there are also systems that claim 9, and 12, chakras.

There are said to be chakras that extend out from the body, both above the head and below the feet.

In sex magick, mainly the Muladhara, and Svadhisthana, are used, but for some techniques, the energy is circulated through out the body in a circuit.

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Sounds intense when you put it that way

How many sex magick systems go in heavy depth on chakras? How does one focus on each chakra in the 9 and 12 chakra system?

Not a lot, really. The chakras are not the focus in sex magick. They are mainly used for their function of controlling the flow of energy through the body.

Jason Newcomb’s book Sexual Sorcery talks about them from a Western perspective.

Through visualisation and body awareness.

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