Chakras and senses

Can anyone give me a quick rundown on which chakra corresponds to which astral sense or if they’re directly related at all?

The chakras are not directly connected to the astral senses (magicians through the ages have developed them without ever using the chakra system) but, according to the yogic literature, the Muladhara, or root, is the gateway to all abilities, which is why it is always worked with first.

Several years ago there was a challenge on the forum to chant at least 1000 reps of the Bija mantra for the Mulahadra daily for 50 days, and at least one person reported their clairaudience kicking in.


They are not directly related usually, but
third eye is clairvoyance
throat is clairaudience
heart and crown clairsentience
root is general foundation.
These are the ones i have seen most associated together.


Thanks for this. Now I got some digging to do.


Interesting. 1000 reps, huh? Did you participate in this challenge too?

No, I did not.

The person in question actually did 2000 repetitions a day, and even did 20, 000 on one sitting.

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Might give it a try, assuming I find a good way to keep track of how many times I chant. By the way, what’s another good way to improve clairaudience? @DarkestKnight


Usually a mala is used to keep count. It generally consists of 108 beads, so if you go through the entire mala 20 times, you have hit 2000 reps.

Exercise the ability by doing exercises like those found in Konstantinos’ book Summoning Spirits, or EA’s evocation course. Practice scrying. Chant a mantra for the senses daily.


I forgot Summoning Spirits had exercises like that. I’ll look into the scrying and chanting as well. Thanks for the help.

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@DarkestKnight do you have to doo all 1000 repetitions at once or can you do a certain number and then rest for a bit?

You can split them up, like do 500 reps in the morning, and then another before bed if it makes it easier.

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Perfect. Thank you.