Chakra Travel


So I was aware that people often use the Tree of Life Sephiroth to travel through astrally, looking at each Sephiroth as a realm of discovery for the astral traveler. If I am not mistaken, this is a key to the pathworking through the Tree of Life. I could be mistaken; my knowledge of those arenas is pretty low but I am at least sure that this is one aspect of Tree of Life pathworking.

Since this is something that is at least normal in terms of magic practice, I was wondering if anyone here has thought of projecting into the chakras in the same fashion. Although the T.o.L. is not always viewed as an anatomical energy field for human beings, it is often moved through and scryed as such. Chakras also connect with thousands of different meridians and nadis, and are even stationed by their own God and Goddess.

So I was wondering if anyone here has thought to complete such a work, as I am drafting up my magic schedule and a large part of my magick focuses around chakra work. A big part is pathworking the chakras so-to-speak, so I was interested in seeing if anyone had taken that path so far


According to Robert Bruce, if your projected double gets too close to your physical and connected subtle bodies, you will either re-merge or experience intense astral feedback. So… I’m not sure how trying to project into your own chakras would be a doable thing.


Well I’m not talking so much as into projecting into a Chakra anatomically, rather than projecting into a Chakric realm. For example, The Tree of Life is, by itself, it’s own series of realms. However, each one of those realms is also concurrent in a human energy system, at least it’s theorized to be by a great deal of Tree of Life enthusiasts. Tree of Life is supposed to be representative of macrocosm while humans are microcosm.

I saw the possibility primarily due to what I was able to put together from Tree of Life pathworking (mind you, not that much being put together on the astral travel aspect on my part), much of the work for the Tree of Life pathworking revolved around completing simultaneous inner and outer work, both being done at the same time. I know this happens with anything spiritually based, but it is my understanding that people confront and work with their particular Sephirothic fears, qualities, attributes and try to perfect themselves by journeying to these realms and working on their particular Sephirothic qualities, all of which connected to our bodies, through an “external” astral plane.

Reading Jonn Mumford’s work “Tantra Through Tantra”, he describes yantra and mantra meditation with each particular Chakra. The meditation on these symbols acts as a tuner to the chakra, a connector to the source of Chakric energy. I was positing that since this arranged image connected things in this fashion, relaying energies from a universal, macrocosmic source, I may be able to journey into a macrocosmic chakraverse that I could work through similar to the Tree of Life.


Well then, carry on. :slight_smile: