Chakra stagnation

I’ve had my solar plexus checked many times and it’s stagnant at best or literally spinning the wrong way.

This has caused me untold amounts of shit and I’ve tried healing it through meditation, self healing, empowerments etc etc etc…

None of it has helped, and I’m asking you guys for anything that might help. I cannot astral project as yet and I’m thinking its down to this chakra basically.

Could a Tulpa/Egregore help with this at all??


@Cajunjay[quote=“Cajunjay, post:1, topic:19549”]
I cannot astral project as yet and I’m thinking its down to this chakra basically.
I doubt it. Astral projection may take years. That’s just natural.

Ask Kali Ma to destroy whatever blockages you have there by refuting her mantra and meditating on it, evoking her presence and stating your intent.

Then work with any fire diets or solar related deity to help with your solar plexus.

Working with carnelian might help as well, also rituals of empowerment too


When you focus on the solar plexus chakra when you see it spinning the wrong way, try and reverse the anti-clockwise motion into a clockwise motion. think of it as mini visualisation/meditation.

Thanks for the replies guys

I have been thinking aboyt kali ma recently so your recommendation hits a cord.

I will learn and revite her mantra with the intent my blockages are destroyed. As for visualizing the chakra spinning clockwise i can also keep trying that but currently cannot sense its direction.

Working with a fire diety sounds like a great plan. I will try this for myself and see how it goes. Otherwise might have to find a work around.

Btw are you guys able to invoke or evoke spirits but not able to astral project?

A lot of people are like that. I can do all, but it isn’t uncommon.