Chakra Removal Question

You’re going to always not know what to expect, working on your senses here you’re turning them for the energetic layer here, you have to project and then work on your senses in the projection for it to adjust to the plane you’re in.

when youre in the astral you work on your clairs so they can perceive it

when you’re here you work on them so they can perceive the energy around you here

and so forth.

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Interesting, well I have a servitor to boost my Astral Senses, so that sure helps.

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Everyone have chakras. You can’t exist without it. Only a matter of it being more develop or not. activated or not.

I dont use the chakra system often. Instead I use the Qliphoth as energy points to help and empower my workings. I have adapted the spheres in my body as a reminder of the law of energy which states Microcosm=Macrocosm or As Above So Below