Chakra Removal Question

So I have a question…

I removed my chakras a few months back and I have been reading Llewyen’s astral projection book, and there is a chapter that involves stimulating the chakras. But the question is, can I just skip these exercises since I don’t have my chakras anymore?

Well. You could just work the exercises with you energetic body. I never adopted the system of chakras, I don’t feel it’s necessary, but I do notice certain areas will sometimes build up energy and I feel better if I brush/smooth that out and get it flowing right again, and most chakra exercises I’ve come across and wanted to try, I just amended to work with the energetic system of my body rather than pretended I had chakras.

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Is it possible to remove chakras?

They remain blocked for some people and with handful of exercises they can be opened

They can be opened or blocked

And chakras are important
Like the third eye chakra is helpful for sensing and seeing spirits


Eh. Chakras are more of a modern system of approach, and honestly I don’t believe we start with them, or at least I didn’t. I think it just gives you a focal point to work with, there are other energy systems that work with meridians and such instead and never use chakras.

Like I said, I do energy work, but I do not work with chakras at all.


How do I work the exercises with my energy body?

Sure, if by modern you mean 2000 years old :joy:

They were brought into the Western Magical Tradition by Theosophy in the late 19th century, and then embraced by the “New Age” in the 1960’s, but they are not a modern approach to spiritual development.

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2000 years vs…

shrugs it’s not as old as other things was the point. Not existed since the beginning of time, or a requirement to do energy work. Clearly not the best term, but the point was other systems have been around longer and not all have used chakras.

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Really depends on the exercise, I’m not familiar with that book/author so I can’t comment, but I’ve read other works and just adapted them to how I operate without use of the chakra system. If it wants you to brush the chakra brush the area. I cant think of a good example since I am not familiar with the work lmao. If it wants you to draw energy into the chakra, draw it into that area instead, etc.

Well the hindus were first to bring this chakra thing

This is what those old hindu saints used to live for more than 500 years +

Yes, the chakra system was first talked about in the Vedas, mystical Sanskrit writings that date back to 1500 BCE. Yoga, and the Chinese system of qi gong, are the two most complete systems of spiritual development still extant.

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Yes and their teachings come from Egypt. I think it started there.

Well somewhere must be at least one energy center which connects you to the earth otherwise you wouldnt be like alive :thinking: try the interpersonal chakras or the ones below your feet. There are a lot more important chakras than the 7 known ones. Through that inbalance of removed chakras surely the whole energy go to the transpersonal chakras

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The one your talking about by the feet, would that by any chance be the same one that connects to the earth? Because I remember I read about that in Enoch Petrucelly’s Book of Soul Retrival

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Might be, I Did not read the book

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stimulating the chakras, waiting for vibrations, none of those are really necessary to astral project, it’s just advised to not astral project with a dirty energy system.


Because one could accidentaly attract parasites, correct?

that and it might make it harder to project if your energy body is gunked up.


I see…

Also, I don’t have to wait for the vibrations to start to AP?

Nope, I personally never really felt any vibrations just projected to the physical energetic level then transitioned to either the astral/mental or etheric/spiritual each of which start out hard to see, it’s this reason that you work on your senses while projected so your senses also get use to the change in plane.

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I really need to work on my astral senses, if I project somewhere new and don’t know what to expect, one of my companions will tell me what the place looks like which allows me to visualize it and therefore see better.