Chakra cleansing. "help"

I wounder if there is some one that are good att going over and cleasing chakras and even get ridd of blocks? My spirital senses is blocked ore some thing i can’t un do this my self. I don’t have the knowlage to do so. I read a lot her on the forum that people offers there service in diffrent ways. When i have the right knowlage and ability to help people her i will do so. With love and respect//A

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Do you know what is the reason for that you can’t remove your blockages ?

I try meditate daily and read her on the forum to learn more. But i am not that good at doing this type of stuff but i wan’t to learn. I try visulize bright Light as the sun and trying derecting it at say my third eye. But i never feel that is working. Focusing at my third eye does work i can feel it. When doing so on my crown chakra i also feel. But thats it pritty mutch i am still new to all of this. I starten reading on joyofsatan and I learnd mutch from there.

I don’t now why. :thinking:

First,get rid of the thought “I can’t do it”.Then just start with your root chakra.Go one by one,dont try to do everything at once.Be consistent my friend,even magick does take time,I know reality is boring but what can we do as beginners anyways.
Also sigils might work for you,I suggest to look at chaos sigils for you,thats all I can do,sorry I am just a beginner as you :slightly_smiling_face:

Chaos sigil what is that? :slight_smile:

A sigil you can create yourself easily ! I did one for meditating better and it did wonders.Take a look at the search button and write sigils,you will find loads of information there.

Ok so i just make one then pretend it will help me when meditation? I will try that thx. :love_you_gesture: