Cernunnos Prayer

Hey guys, I’ve been working quite closely with the god Cernunnos and I wanted to share a prayer I wrote in his honor:

Thy art the fire within mine heart and soul,
The wisdom of the black and fold,
Guarding the Gates of Death,
Therewith men draw final breath,

The forest green with mountain white,
In thine shadow we burn bright,
Thy art the stag of the wood,
Running where few could,

Wolf howl at the moon,
Swallow sing melodious tune,
Lion of the mountain roar,
Eagle wings doth surely soar,

We thine wild, we thine free,
Prying eyes need not see,

Shed thine secrets from thine mane,
For we thine sons remain untamed,
Bestow thine blessings on us all,
Forever wild is thine call.

Obviously, thy’s and thine are a stylistic choice so feel free to change them if thou wish.

ALSO IN THIS CASE, SHARING IS CARING! I DONT GIVE A FUCK! And I’m also 110% Cernunnos would be thrilled for it to be out there. If you wanna link this prayer onto other sites, by all means. Spread it around on occult servers too.

Hail to the Horned One!


What do you use to contact him? would you consider making a journal of your experiences? we could use more talk of various deities/entities outside of demons/goetia :thinking:


I would consider that, absolutely. It’d take me a couple days and it would be quite long, but I’ve had a treasure trove of experiences with him this year.

As far as what I use to contact him, there was this sigil, @anon48079295 you may have made it actually (I cant remember who posted it), its the one with concentric rings and the sigil of the sun resting on a crescent moon in its center. It’s on this forum somewhere… but he doesn’t make it difficult to get in touch, at least in my experiences. I also burn things like sage, copal, or frankincense sticks and myrrh. He seems to be pretty lax on offerings. He’s been exceptionally kind to me… tough but kind and may very well have saved my life a few months ago… I tried contacting him back in January by pouring beer off the back porch calling north into the woods… didn’t notice anything except crows started hanging around and, looking back, crows seemed much more interested in me.

I’ll save that for another time though.


Cernunnos is one of the oldest Gods and most important ones. Nice to see his name!!!
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Cernunnos :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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